What You Will Learn

In this 3 hour program you will learn my exact process to:

  • Repurpose your short live video into a blog post
  • Create high quality graphic images
  • Produce an audio version of your content
  • Convert your video into text-based snippets
  • Get greater SEO benefits for your content

I've got your back and you'll love how my easygoing style will help you stay on track!

Format of the Program

I’ll be walking you through my very own personal system to get it done in just 3 hours! This course will take place in a small group, secured call online with breaks in between each section.

Once we’re done, you'll be invited to a follow-up call to evaluate results and make adjustments. You will have access also to a private dashboard with replays and resources you can access up to a year.

Who This is For

This training is great for service providers who want to spend more time working with clients and less on content creation.

It is not for people afraid to get on-camera (we have another course for that)! We keep the content simple and you will follow a blueprint to get this done.

About Your Instructor

If she were an animal, Tanya Smith would be the white rabbit of content marketing. She's on a mission to take the mystery out of on-camera and live stream video to make it practical for every service business who wants to build a social brand.

When she's not collecting Wonder Woman paraphernalia or testing out time-saving apps, you’ll find Tanya delivering weekly strategies to use more video at www.getnoticedwithvideo.com, on Facebook, and Youtube. 

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