Level Up with Video - Private Coaching & Strategy

Design a magnetic video content package you can use to convert more viewers into raving fans and clients.

In this private 90-day strategic coaching program, I will personally help you develop at least 5 short videos that will grow your business brand online and either promote a specific service or your next on-camera video series.
* If you have completed a Discovery Call you may be pre-approved

Program Summary

Level Up with Video is a private strategic coaching program designed for service providers who want to get more visibility for their business, and create a simple, but highly actionable plan for using video to get this done.  It's perfect for career, health and financial coaches - as well as other service providers who engage with their target audience online and through social media.

By the end of 90 days you will have developed a complete strategy to create at least five short videos that will professionally showcase your brand with your target audience.  Plus, you will also have an actionable editorial process to develop and distribute a series of more videos to either promote a specific  service or your own video show.

  •  Learn the exact formula for successfully creating videos that drive your audience from lurker to lead to paying client
  • Get personal attention to properly set up your recording studio, create your script and develop well-branded design for your page/channel
  •  Clearly define a process and editorial calendar for getting the videos done...no more procrastinating
  •  Build your confidence and level up your business using more video with intention and purpose!

Private Strategy Calls

You and I will meet privately each week (or bi-weekly to suit your needs) in a 45-60 minute call over virtual video conference. This gives us access to a shared screen where we can brainstorm and collaborate. In each meeting, you will work on a single laser-focused action item, which we'll mindmap and keep track of for the next time.

VIP Client-Only Dashboard

Get access to a private members dashboard where you can see the entire plan as your strategy unfolds. Worksheets, assignments, and a bonus 'storyboarding' notebook for you to download will be housed  here and you can get to any other recommended resources you need at your convenience.

Structure & Accountability Tools

Throughout the program I've built in weekly touchpoints, so that even if your calls are delayed, you don't fall off the roadmap. Get email support or contact me through Messenger/WhatsApp in between calls for quick clarity or just for a bit of encouragement to keep going.

What Past Clients Say About Working with Tanya

"I have two blogs, have a YouTube channel and write for several other publications. I actually turned down opportunities this year because I was afraid of missing deadlines. I knew I needed to begin using an editorial calendar, but I just hadn't been able to find a process or tool that works for me - until Tanya! She makes work processes easy to implement even for the most disorganized people. Thank you, Tanya!"
Isha Cogborn

Life Coach

"Who says an older business can't learn new tricks? The lessons learned
from Tanya will give my business a
new lease on life. Tanya's caring, creative, and practical approach to
marketing blew me away. Her content is fresh and forward thinking. Her extreme subject knowledge and available resources have given me the confidence to create and strengthen my brand, myself, and move my business into the future. Tanya you are awesome. Now the work begins!!!"
Michelle Gilder

Leader Development

"Tanya has a positive, professional yet friendly and approachable demeanor. One feels comfortable speaking with her and receiving information from her for she does not provide it in a condescending or judgmental way.

Instead you can feel her authenticity in her desire for you to not only reach your goals but to surpass them!"
Misha Granado

Relationship Coach

Application Process

If you are invited to move forward after our Discovery Call...

You will know after we meet for the Discovery Call, if we can move forward. If we are not a great fit and you have submitted payment through this page, you will receive a 100% refund. 

Here's the truth...

Video is one of the best ways to stand out in social media, and in search engines.  If you want to show up, attract paying clients, and really turn your incredible services and programs into a profit – you must market yourself with video! But you do need a plan and a purposeful way to get it done.

To get started right now with this 90 day program, submit your payment and schedule your first call. We will typically meet once a week throughout this time period for about 45-60 minutes each time.

If you have not already met with me through a private Discovery Call, you will be invited to interview. Then once confirmed, you'll set up your first Kickstart Strategy call right away so we can begin to map out your ideal outcome and walk through next steps. Your first call may run a little longer as we use this to set clear outcomes for the time we're working together.

Choose your plan:



Once, USD incl VAT

  • Private marketing coaching
  • Step-by-step video strategy
  • 24/7 access to resources
  • Email/chat support
  • Worksheets & mindmap

Multi-Pay (6 Months)


Per month, USD incl VAT

  • Private marketing coaching
  • Step-by-step video strategy
  • 24/7 access to resources
  • Email/chat support
  • Worksheets & mindmap

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't finish the assignments in 90 days?
This program is designed to fit within a 12-week, or 90-day framework to help you get quick, but thorough results. I will be there to hold your hand every week, and I only take a limited number of highly motivated clients into this program for a reason - I know that when you commit to achieve what you set out to do it creates unparalleled results. We usually meet either weekly or bi-weekly - depending on your preference.

Now let me answer your question: my goal is to give you all you need to have a complete strategy so you can continue to record video long after we are done. I'm committed to being available to you within the program parameters for up to 100 days; after that, it's up to you to use the resources (and there will be plenty) to continue towards your goal. If you need additional private time, strategy calls will be available for an additional fee.
Why should I hire you if I can figure this out on my own?
Sure there is a lot of information on the internet about how to create and distribute video. But you will have to wade through a ton of myths and not so good advice to get to the really helpful resources. My former clients will tell you - I am generous with information and tools, and I've taken the time to organize exactly what you need to know in a safe and central space so that you can move more quickly and make fewer mistakes.
Why is there an application process?
Once you complete your payment on this page, if you and I have not met already in a Discovery Call, I want to make sure you and I both are mutually agreed that we can make a good partnership. If we have not met, I will require a 20 minute conversation with you to better understand what you need and why this program was of interest to you. If I believe our styles will not flow well together, OR if I have a full client book I will be honest and tell you. Your money will be refunded immediately at that time. Otherwise, if I've sent you to this page, I'll have you on file as an pre-approved candidate for strategic coaching.
Can I just hire you to create the 5-10 videos and be done with this?
Not at this time. I have learned over the years it's important to do what you love and what you're most passionate about. I love teaching and I absolutely enjoy strategy. And while I create a lot of my own content, I find designing videos for others feels tedious and it does not tap into my happy place. This is as real and transparent I can be. I do have recommendations if you are interested in working with someone - typical fees average $1000 and up per video.

Tanya Smith

Tanya Smith is a credentialed online marketing strategist specializing in content marketing tactics that help online marketers use social media and video content to serve more people, connect authentically and enhance their life. In business as a coach for more than ten years, Tanya has a passion for working with service providers to simplify marketing with automation and practical systems.